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* High quality and simple handling, reduced to the essentials, and highly diverse in use
* The high bay / industry light are ideal for efficient factory warehouse illumination
* The range of applications covers factories, warehouses, sports areas
* Can also be used as architectural lighting.
* Flexibility with lighting design is provided by various lumen packages and light colours, and connected loads from 50W to 200W.
* All types feature very high efficiency with a luminous efficacy of up to 100 lumens/watt.
* High quality construction and materials ensure high ruggedness and resistance to humidity and dust
* Mounting is via a support hook without further accessories

* High lumen-output LED for the efficient and simple upgrading of obsolete systems
* Various construction sizes, with high lumen packages
* Wide temperature range of -30°~+45°C
* Service life up to 50,000h (L70/B50 at ta= +25°C)
* Robust diecast aluminium housing
* Compact dimensions and elegant unique design
* Simple mounting, installation and handling
* integrated mains connection cable (0.5m 1m or on request)
* 60° 90° 110°degrees to have the light distribution and lux we want

* Housing of diecast aluminium with side mounting bracket
* Hanging hook of galvanised steel
* All parts coated in grey
* PC cover with integrated convex domed lenses

Light technology
* 60° 90° 110°degrees
* 3 colour temperatures (3000K, 4000K, 600K) for uniform, wide planar lighting

* Factories, Productin Lines, Warehouse
* Exhibition Halls, Sports Stadium
* Ship factory, Gas station
* Super markets, Agricultural trade market