Monday 07 July 2014 writer:Kina Deng
We mainly produce flood lights, industry lights, panel light, tube light, downlights and some outdoor lighting such as street light, tunnel light and so on.
All the lighting products adheres to the "highest efficiency, best quality and the longest life span" of the principle. Ensuring engineering company, dealers and users of the long-term interests.
1) Wide range products, suitable for commercial and industrial applications
Wide scope of products,Suitable dnd do customization according to customers’ requirements
They are widely used for for commercial and industrial applications.
2) Energy Efficiency
Our LED lights not only has cost low for purchasing, but can bring the overall energy consumption for the customer returns. To an engineering project, maintenance costs low, let the environment become more comfortable, indirectly bring more economic benefits. Also good quality and long service life almost make no maintenance cost within five years.
3)  Superior quality
* Various common LED lights, and non-standard LED lights are available to meet customers’ different demands.
* Warm white color make the CRI achieve to a optimal level.
* 100% instant shining
* Stable and durable, long life span.
4) High level of efficiency and good durability
* Mercury-free
* Compared with the same type traditional incandescent lamp, carbon monoxide and energy  consumption emissions near to 90%
* Compared with halogen lamp near to 30%
* Excellent environmental performance because of low energy consumption.