Thursday 31 July 2014 writer:Julie Cai

We have a very pleasant cooperation from 2010 to 2012. Now we choose to continue cooperation with DirectIndustry, because of following two main reasons.
Positioning and development of our company: 
1) We have our own brand .
2) The quality of our product positioning high-end, good long-term cooperation with customers.
3) Our market is mainly in Europe, North and South America .
4) We are building, and also want to expand a global team of distributors.
5) All members of our corporation are united and motivated, real-time service in place, strong ability in R & D, support is flexible and reliable, and can meet the needs of professional customers.
6) We are eager to help more customers succeed.
DirectIndustry has the following characteristics: 
1) They only cooperation and brand manufacturers. Do not accept the Proxy Companies, foreign trade companies.
2) Brand and members of them are international company.98% members from the international. China accounted only 2%.
3) They access to distributed 96.8% from the international .
4) They platform is composed of a generalized five language independent are English,   French , Germany, Italy, Spanish .ect.
5) They platform products and your company's picture of Web side is correspondence. For our SEO .
6) They only as a platform to do only brand.  They only industry related industries.
Customers need our supports. We want to give.  Now we start a good business relationship with DirectIndustry.
We believe we can help more customers in future.